Speak to Me

What do you want when you scream so loud?
When you threaten and punish and act out?
What are you saying? I’m trying to listen.
Your feelings get clearer, but less so your reasons.
What are you asking for? What do you need?
It’s just you and me now; your wishes I’ll heed.
Slow down and talk to me. In words that I know.
I know it’s scary, but please, have a go.
Talk to me now, before it’s too late.
Tell me how to help you, I’ll unseal our fate.
I know why you’re hurting, but I can’t go back.
Can’t repair what was broken, give what you never had.
But what if I promise, it’s just you and me.
Us against them, if it needs to be.
I promise to listen to what you have to say.
I won’t dismiss you, I’d never treat you that way.
I’ll try to give you the things that you need.
I care that you’re hurting; don’t want you to bleed.

Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, 3.07.16

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