…and here in the void where I keep my selves… some strewn all about, others neat on shelves…

I’m not really sure what on earth this one is about…. all I know is that I don’t remember much (if any) of Friday, what I do remember feels dreamlike and I’m not sure which parts are real, which imagined, and what happened in between the parts I remember. But I do know I had a bit of a dissociative state in the evening.. and I was talking to Hattie, and she asked what I was feeling. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t know. But she challenged me to draw what I was thinking. She said “please will you draw it for me, I don’t care if it makes sense, I just want a picture of whatever Katy is thinking right now.” So I drew this. I don’t understand it, I just know I was feeling very disconnected, and that the verse of a poem ‘I me and she‘ that I wrote a while back was ringing in my head. The poem still needs some work, but the concept it plays with in this verse really resonates with how I feel when I drift outside of myself the way I did on Friday.

And I’m in the void, where I keep my selves,
Some strewn all about, others neat on shelves.
In front of the rails, all glitter and lights,
Is JUST what I need to make it ALL RIGHT.”

Art Journal Sketch Series. Watercolour Pencil on Paper.Copyright Katy Matilda Neo, 2016

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