I’m looking for a collaborator (paid) to produce, completely from scratch, a community art project. 

You will need (demonstrable) experience in arts production. Or significant transferable experience from a related field.

The ideal person would also be a creative and be keen to work alongside me all aspects of the project.

So What IS It?

I am proposing to look at how people without experience of mental health problems experience being immersed in a Virtual Reality Environment created by people with mental health problems, designed specifically to evoke the sensations of experiencing these symptoms, which can be very hard to explain verbally.  

To give you an idea of the type of art that would be created, a 2D version exists here, created for a BBC Three short film earlier this year.
Boring (Important) Bits:

  1. Grant submission deadline: 1st Nov 2017
  2. Grant holder must live or work in Walthamstow, East London
  3. Ideally the right person would be available to start from 25th or 26th October, so that they could also input into the proposal; this is not essential for the right person, but could result in important aspects being overlooked. This piece of work would be unpaid.
  4. Successful applicants should hear within 2 months.

For a more in depth look at the grant terms and conditions, see the Waltham Forest Arts Guide.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but to hopefully encourage potential collaborators, I have spoken to the grants administrators, who were very excited about the prospect of this project, and gave me some very useful feedback to improve my plans.

SO – If this sounds up your street, please, please get in touch before 25th Oct. I will be submitting an application for this project anyway and will keep the call for a collaborator open, but I think that it would be so much better for both parties to be involved right from the start, so both can ensure their priorities are represented in the application.

Please email an expression of interest to 

No other applications will be accepted.

In your email, please include:

  • name
  • Phone number 
  • Email address
  • Relevant experience (with examples, ideally links to the websites of the work and a brief outline of your role on the project)
  • Any online portfolio(s) you have (not essential) 
  • Brief explanation of why this project appeals to you
  • Availability (London) 23-30 October 2017 (for grant writing – this is likely to be an intense period of work)
  • Availability between now and January 2019 (approximations are fine, would just be helpful to know if there are long periods when you’d be unavailable for the project for whatever reason – exact work patterns will be negotiated once project activity is fully planned out.

 Ok, so one last selling point – the council were keen on the idea and are looking for projects to adopt as part of a more ongoing program of increasing cultural opportunities in Waltham Forest, so there is potential for continuation and expansion beyond the grant!!

So, if all of that hasn’t put you off, and you’re still keen, please email me as soon as possible: 

What do you think?