Donate and WIN PRIZES!

Sadly being an unemployed mentally ill artist doesn’t pay too well. Nonetheless, I spend a lot of time and energy on maintaining this site, creating new art and writing and updating the related Facebook and Instagram pages. Unfortunately, this actually kind of costs money… I don’t mind, because I love it. But I would love to be able to do a lot more!

Recently, I received a message from someone, asking if there was a way to donate money to AntiParrot… there wasn’t, but this made me think that perhaps there should be.

SO for a trial period I will be including a button on the site, allowing people to give an optional donation of an amount of their choice.

There is no suggested, minimum or required donation, please just give what  you feel the work deserves, and what you can afford to give.

Once a month I will hold a prize draw, everyone who has donated within that month will be automatically entered; prizes to be announced at the beginning of each month.

And please let me know what you think using the contact form – no need to be delicate, I want the truth!!!

What do you think?