About This Blog

I am an artist, blogger, mental health advocate (expert by experience) and self-styled destigmatisation warrior. And I am a human. I am an enigma; a walking contradiction; the simplest and most complex puzzle all at once. I am a fighter and a survivor. I have experienced abuse, neglect and exploitation. I have been vulnerable as an adult and a child. I have been a high risk mental health patient and am on social services’ register as a vulnerable adult. I am currently considered unfit to work and live on disability benefits. And I am an intelligent, articulate, passionate, strong and articulate woman. I have a BSc and PhD in Psychology and a string of As and A*s at A Level and GCSE. For 29 years I lived a double life, I stepped in and out of many roles. On some level, I was always aware that I was an actor in my own life, but then I got tired, really, really tired. And it slowly drifted apart. And then I entered therapy.

This work hosted on this site charts my journey from diagnosis through treatment. I also run a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BPDPositiveArts/) where, as well as my own work and I share articles, memes, stories, and all sorts of things I collect from all over the place that I find interesting, inspiring or helpful.

I share because it is healing for me to do so; I struggle (less now than at the beginning, but still very much so), to notice, recognise, name and describe or label my emotions. Free writing and drawing gave me the creative outlet to start to understand and be understood.

All the work on this site is single draft, free writing and/or drawing. It has generally been made during or as close to the emotional or conceptual experience as possible. Hence for the most part I sacrifice perfection or artistic form for emotional expression. I am proud to say that not a single drawing in the art journal series was pre-planned or drafted prior to the “final” version you can see on here. My method is simply to hold a pen or pencil and feel. And just see what comes out. And my art journal sketch series and my free writing are exactly that. The raw and unedited musings from the mind of a person going through a journey of intense psychological change.

I feel like when I started, I was an acorn, now I’m a sapling with deep, strong roots, and by the time my story is over I hope to be an ancient Oak tree with many children swinging from my branches.

Thanks for visiting my strange brain. I hope you enjoy it!

I am not a qualified mental health professional, just a person with experiences. I’m afraid I can’t offer any psychological or medical advice (it wouldn’t be safe for you or for me). If you need immediate help please contact your GP, therapist or out of ours emergency services.

Feel free to share links to my work, but please credit me (Katy Matilda Neo) and any other individual or group I credit for a particular piece (e.g. if it’s inspired by song lyrics) when sharing. All of my work is original (unless otherwise stated in which case, the author, if known, is credited) and I own and reserve all rights.

Copyright of all work on this site belongs to Katy Matilda Neo. All rights Reserved.

If you like what I do, and would like to help me keep on doing it, any small donation you can afford to give would be most gratefully received