Your Requests!

I’ve been really touched to receive emails and messages with questions and requests. It’s absolutely wonderful that I have been completely inundated with these, but of course it means it will take some time for me to get around to answering all of them.

Want to submit a question or request: click here for how to contact me.

All requests will be answered with piece of prose, poetry or art, which will be posted on this site. Requesters will also (of course) be notified when I have posted their response. I can’t promise it will answer all of your questions, and I can’t promise it will be in the format you might have expected. But my hope is it will open dialogue and spark debate.

If you don’t get/like any response I post to any request on this page, please, please comment or message me. You will be helping this to become the collaborative art project I want it to be.

I don’t want this to be a one way diatribe from me to you, but a two way dialogue in which all are encouraged contribute. From those who have never heard of BPD (or don’t think it exists), to those who look at this site and can’t help but shout “SNAP” in their head (or out loud) and even those who just don’t like  my work at all. I value honesty. I won’t judge, I will honour all questions and requests as long as they are sent with respect.

Requests so far (responses in progress), some of these are pretty hard hitting, folks (thank you). I love your bravery and honesty in asking and welcome your questions, the more personal the better. If I’m not comfortable sharing, I simply won’t answer, (and I may not answer in the way you expect):

  • How did you realise you had BPD? How did you get a diagnosis and access treatment? What was that like?
  • What is BPD? Not, like a list of diagnostic criteria, but how do you experience it. And why are some people “disordered” and others not?
  • What could have been done when you were younger to have made things better for you? I work with children and have two of my own, and I think perhaps if I could recognise the symptoms and then have some tools on how I could support a child, that would not only useful but also might make a difference in a child’s life, especially in that crazy time of adolescence.
  • Is it possible to confuse/misdiagnose bipolar disorder with BPD?
  • Is BPD actually a long, protracted form of PTSD?
  • Do you think if BPD doesn’t appear amongst other siblings that this means that they don’t have a vulnerability to it? Or have their experiences been different, even if you’ve shared the same home learning environment?
  • What is your opinion about multiple diagnoses in people with BPD? Do you think this affects treatment response?
  • Why is DBT the main recommended treatment for BPD? Why not use other treatments?
  • What is the Biopsychosocial model of psychological illness and how does this specifically relate to BPD?
  • What IS suicidal ideation?
  • What is it like not to have a solid sense of identity?
  • What is your view on self-harm and how has it affected you?